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My Tai Chi, Xingyiquan and Qi Gong school.

Wedding photography par excellence: Peter Thomas Photography.

Paulo's Photography.

On-line Forteana & Paranormal

Blather explores the paranormal in Ireland from its Dublin headquarters.  An irregularly-published magazine that should not be missed.  UFOs, ghosts, BVMs, the Hellfire Club, lough monsters - they're all in here.

The Charles Fort Institute is a developing site where volunteers are building a web resource and museum devoted to the man's life works.

The Fortean Times site is an excellent on-line forteana resource.  It's been put on hold as of October 1999, prior to being relaunched.  The sooner, the better.


Cartoons Blogs

Questionable Content


Hallmarks of Felinity


Scary Go Round


A Softer World

 Mitherings from Morningside


Richard Herring's Warming Up


The Nanny Coach




Dave Barry's column in the Miami Herald is always worth a read.  A unique look at important aspects of life such as spray can cheese, inflammable underwear and television.

The Dilbert Zone.   Scott Adams must have spies in my workplace.  Usually hilarious, unless it's one of those strips you've lived through and haven't seen the funny side of yet.

The SCHWA site is no more.  RIP.


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