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The cats:

2 cats, 1 chair Hammock time Feline Yoga Zzzzz Dignified Midge

Too hot! I made it! Cute and knows it Do not disturb Cats and boxes, eh
Dawson the shadow cat It's the food or you Dr. Seuss' unknown classic - the Cat in the Box
Too cold! In the hot seat Dawson Lions circling Midge

You going to feed us or what??

Anybody got a kleenex?

How good do I look? It's hard work being a cat Go away - I'm thinking
Patience in action Dawson Close up  Midge Poses  Dawson Hard @ Work Midge Meditates
We are Siamese if you please It's hard work, being a cat
Dawson & Midge Midge the bookworm Dawson and books Tired out Look at ME!
You can't see me Zzzzz Boo! Help! Zzz.. wha?
Open. The. Window. *@$!ing snow *@$!ing heat Melted cat Walking Wounded
Lampshade Whiskers!      

The Taylor cats:

Minnie up high Minnie & rival Head to head Dylan's tired Dylan posing
My seat! You lookin' at me?      

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