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Old Stuff:

Drumskinney 2002 Drumskinney Foxgloves Drumskinney alignment Split stone
Looks like a doddle to climb
Ground level Boa Island figure Back of figure Smaller figure First close view of Tor
I'd like this in my garden
 Halfway up  Made it!  This way Giant's Ring setting Crop circle?
Dips in the bank Side view Giant's Ring & me The capstone Looking through

Somewhere under the rainbow

I've got the power

September '99 - Co. Fermanagh An ancient momument and Newgrange

Stone me!

Drumskinney Drumskinney & me Drumskinney Circle


Newgrange entrance
Aslan Lives! Garden Ornament I want one
Dolmen Information Ballylumford Dolmen Ballylumford & me Recumbents (& flowers) View from o/s circle
I was in Scotland once.  It rained
East Aquhorthies The recumbents It's fenced off!! Loanhead of Daviot  Loanhead & cairn 
Approaching Tyrebagger Recumbent side view Tilted not fallen  Tallest upright   Tyrebagger Recumbent

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