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The Norn Iron Meat (May 2005):

Ooh that's a big one!

Everyone was glad they'd brought their sunglasses when Greg unveiled his shirt

Must forumlate a plan of attack "I think people should live their lives surrounded by art." Didn't she never see a horror movie?  It's the one who wanders off who gets killed first!
Take aim... FIRE!! The Shirt Malc Surveys Bogside Muriels Long and winding road
3/10 - this muriel must try harder Is it a boat? Is it Stroke City's walls? Malc kneels for a fair colleen, her tresses streaming in the wind OK - everybody give your best wave Are you lot ready for your close up?
Another muriel Graffiti Need another coat Gay wave! Let's look a little closer
It's very pretty I do enjoy going off road Won't you come into my parlour? Look Adele - something else for you to climb! Their green carpet's wearing a bit thin in places
Worth it for the view Gal action shot Grianan - the Portal I'll take that one Centre Stage
Wot, no spirit levels? Justine prepares to repel boarders Feel that wind! Malc readied his camera as Gal negotiated his way closer to the jumper Think you're big Mountain? Wait til you see my lens!
Grianan Layers Justine reaches the top Taking in the air Having a seat Capturing the view
It's still windy round this bit. Random couple paid by Irish Tourist Board to wander along beaches, hand in hand Off to do a Reggie Perrin Paul is delighted to see Adele attempt to rid her feet of The Smell Does anyone else hear "Little Green Bag"?
Strolling the battlements Fahan Beach Adele Paddling Paul spots bare flesh Reservoir Miscers
Mind out for the waves! The 3 explorers brave the icy waters of the Atlantic They're getting carried away with this whole paddling lark Fahan is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is Where's everybody gone?
Give us a wave luvvies Paddle, paddle Paddlepaddlepaddle Fahan Beach Paul abandoned
It's surprisingly sheep-free from up here. Justine finds a spot relatively free from rabbit and sheep droppings for a nice sit down Life through a lens One of these days she's going to fall down a rabbit hole It'sjust like "Where's Wally?" only without the other people
Admiring Malin Taking in the view Cameras hard at work Adele wanders off again Can you see Adele?
It's as pretty as a picture Adele braces herself for the wind that never came So where's this here famine village then? Stones Yet more stones
Malin Head Ferry, 'cross the Foyle Passenging Causeway Causeway close-up
First close up of the causeway And she's off again They're behind you! I wonder if it's too cold to paddle? Looking for the barber shop
Climbing the Causeway Adele sets off Trying to lose pursuit Ooh - water! Justine on the causeway
Paul tries to duck out of yet another meet photo Sittin' on the dock of a causeway, wasting time... Hello up there Ok everyone - the sun's out, coats off! Those are far away
Clambering Paul Good place for a pause Hello! Adele spotting Greg & Paul spotting
Greg rejoices in finding peace and solitude Oh bugger!  I've been spotted Are we there yet? It's like that drinking scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark Gal trying to defend the reputation of the Scots and the Scotch
Greg and rocks Spotted It's all uphill from here The intrepid tasters Is this all you get??
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