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The Stoner Meat (September 2004):

Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge Malc at work
The crowds The Heelstone Yet more tourists Offering at Silbury West Kennett
Looking into WK One chamber Another WK chamber Signs of candles Silbury
On top of WK Looking to Silbury East Kennett The Wedding Avebury Henge
White Horse vale Close Closer Dragon Hill Miscers on Dragon Hill
The vale Malc at Smithy Wayland's Smithy Strike a pose Lounging around
Grooming Smithy Stone Smithy & Sun He ate it all Avebury Church
Glenn's Stoner Pics Greg's Stoner Pics Malc's Stoner Pics    

The Haven Ipswich Meat (May 2004):

Aerial Norn Iron More Norn Iron Getting the mood music The Jolly Sailor's rear Two birds
Malc in the hat Last supper Dogging negotiations Orford Ness Lovely blue sea
�20K & take your pick Tossing on the pier Surprise! The rowdies Adele's graffitti
Aww... Sunday dander Casing the joint On t'heath Staring at the gimp
New phone Late arrival Framlingham Castle Phones kill converation Empty your pockets sir
Inside the walls Geek meat :) The first climb The second climb What rock concert?
Cripes! Gal inched to the edge Quaint Constable Country SmooveP and scenery
Greg's Ipswich Pics James' Ipswich Pics Glenn's Ipswich Pics
Melting Birds and boats      

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