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The Haven Mini-Meat (February 2004):

Glenn   Adele
Glenn & Gal
James & Adele
Gal & Greg
A muddle of miscers Proof! Romeo, Romeo  Justine's pics: James' pics April 04

The Haven Norn Iron Mini-Meat (September 2003):

Big Yin v Big Fish Beady eye tourists  The Haven Snug Paul on pedestal
It's Nessie! Just add sunshine Copying Malc Tourists Scrambling
On the organ James glissades Bikini @ 2 o'clock Portrush Strand Belfast
BigYin & Belfast Carrickfergus      

James' NI Pictures

The Haven Cardiff Meat (May 2003):

Spot the tourists  The old castle Say cheese Walking off hangovers Kings of the Castle
Arrow view Grey bay Three men in a boat The wedding guests We're not lost
Are we? Group pose Bluebells! Even more bluebells A famous miscer

Noels' Cardiff Pictures

The Haven Glasgow Meat (September 2002):

All aboard the Skylark

What a nice lady - she gave the camera back!

Argh!  Sunshine!! Mmm...shiny thing Where did you get that hat?
All aboard the Skylark  Picture taken by local Getting a tan Armadillos! Noel and shiny slug
Don't take sweets from strangers We want to go there No vampires here Hello up there Hello down there
Would you like a lolly? Glasgow UFOs Mirrored Miscers Mad locals "Hello mad locals"
Buy! Sell!  Buy! Zzzzz Playing with their balls Fiddle, footer, poke Look ma!  One hand
How's my portfolio? Rip van Proctor Kids couldn't get near What's this do? Preparing red mercury
Calista Flockhart puts on a show Jump up, jump up to get down. Jump, jump, jump Hot stuff Oh danny boy.... But is it art?
Ally McBeal Fast moving Malc Guess who? Musical miscer Glasgow modern art

Glenn's Glasgow Pictures

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