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The Miscers Mega May Meat (Bristol May 2002):

two pieces of silver, four camels and you get to take your pick

Would you buy a used car from this man?

If only all sheds were like this The miscers stage a sofa takeover Malc feigns sleep to avoid Alex's overtures while Gal curses himself for not thinking of that
The Shed - Friday   Alex in the shed  Trapped in the sofa  Miscers in the shed  Alex is chuffed.  Gal OTOH?
You're not getting me up those bloody stairs! Very pixtureskew Glenn and Malc pause for breath Warning - scrumpy can do this to _you_ Looks like a doddle to climb
Adele at Cabot Tower  Brizzle Skyline  What a climb! In the Swan  First close view of Tor 
Are we there yet? Oxygen masks all round please Man! You dudes have to try this Or how I got those grass stains on my jeans
Blimey it's steep!  Blimey - we made it!  And then you just roll...   Heavy!!   Zzzzzz...
The swans that got away Please - no more hills or stairs Middle of the road Does this look like a city of culture to you? Adele is pleased to have made it across the bridge alive
Outside the hotel  That tall one looks dodgy  Clifden Bridge Brizzle from the Bridge   Taking in the view  
That looks like it's up another hill Shoe fetishists outing Is he sleeping or just pretending? Noel and Adele thought they'd chosen a secluded spot for their secret rendezvous
The Camera Obscura Climbing again  Spot the new shoes In the Giant's Hole    Spot Adele and Noel 
Train?  What train? Would this worry you?      
Waiting for a train  The mirror in Room 324      

Glenn's Bristol Pictures

The Haven Norn Iron Meat (January 2002):

Just stand there and try to look warm

By 'eck but that wind's bracing!

Every pub has the weird guys hanging out in the corner Nick seemed particularly happy to see the beer arrive

Grace Neills didn't know what hit it

Blimey! There's a windsurfer

The usual suspects  Bit warmer now

Beer = happy

Hooray for timers

I'm sure it's just a short walk over this hill I made this!
 Miscers hike Nice view, nasty weather It's still raining Ta-daa! Braving the waves
Has anyone seen Malcolm? It all proved too much for Malcolm
Pro rock lives The album cover  Are we wise? Car napping

Paul's Belfast Pictures    Malc's Belfast Pictures

uk.m rb Mini Meats (September 2001):


#like a Super Trooper#

Any one mentioning covens will be hexed Personally I believe most of these have been faked

Phew, that hat was heavy!

Far too much WKD

Boogey Nights

Charlie's Angels!!

Great party... 

...bad pictures 

uk.m Embra Meat (September 2000):

Early on - still fairly sober

A thorn between two roses

You better not be taking my photo! and most of the pub

He's wearing it for a bet

Kathryn, IainF, Linz

Coffee bean alert  

Most of the miscreants

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