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Geoff goes slightly mad on escaltors

One of the few time I felt cool in Hotlanta

The opposite of sky-scrapers First get your lump of stone...

Looks a lot cooler here than it really was

Never-ending escalator

Olympic Park

MLK territory

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Glimpse 

OK - next time I'll walk up Sunset over Atlanta and it's still boiling!
Going d-o-w-n! A room with a view 

New York:

And not the Empire State as I first thought

Not happy about the railings

Can we go back up the WTC again?  I liked it's view better. Wasn't that a song by A-Ha?

The Chrysler Building Geoff up the ESB Me up the ESB Manhattan Skyline NY  from the water
What on earth does he expect to catch? AKA how many statues can we cram into a public place? I wonder if they'd mind if I went for a paddle? It's just like a 'Where's Wally" picture
Park Life!  Rockefeller Centre  Rockefeller fountains  Rockefeller art, or is it? SOL from WTC 
Some people just don't get the "please move" hints Took me ages to get that bird posed just right
The approach to SOL  SOL from the boat Statue Of Liberty  SOL Tourist Pose 1 SOL Tourist Pose 2
Makes me feel even more of a shortarse than usual! Felt strange to be on the top of NY I just liked the patterns Check out that sunburn! We held their camera to ransom
Looking up the WTC Westside passed WTC WTC close-up  Me inside WTC  WTC Touristy pose
It didn't look so busy from up here
Model Manhattan

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