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Barcelona Trip (24th-27th September 2004):

Ball de Gegants Parade of Giants A Friday night parade in Pl. de Cataluyna for Festa la Merce
I can see you Capgrossos AKA Big Heads Gegants Vells Parade balloons
Ramblas Crowds Casa Bruno Quadros Hotel Room View La Sagrada Familia Front steps
Scenery The Nativity The magic square Foot of pillar Passion figure
Passion Facade Squinty Glad of shadow Roman knight Tourist!!
Cathedral doors Cathedral doors 1 of 3 windows Over the towers The city & the sea
Tower mosaics Tower Barcelona & tower The city People
Skirt!! Font Magica Magic Fountain Magic Fountain Museum & Moon
Barri Gotic Pl. de Sant Felip Neri Civil war damage Cloister guard geese St George Fountain
Cloister grave marker Gargoyle Castellers Display in Pl. de St Jaume Sunday morning
    Parc Guell Guell entrance Roof
TallPaul Parc Guell shade Taking a rest Hall of trees Halfway up
Barcelona les Tres Creus Turo les Tres Creus Geoff & Stella Bench pic
Post-sangria Enjoying the view the other view Geoff & me Bench tiling
Substitute cat Begging Kitty Hall of columns Hall ceiling Stella & lizard
Lizard & I Guell steps Chameleon Windowsill Guell
Hall of trees Guell mosiacs Boat trip views Boat trip views Boat trip views
Boat trip views City sunset      

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